A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

About Us

Span Corporation has been bridging the gaps between the Courts, Social Service organizations, businesses, and the medical communities since 1986. We provide forensic drug screening, program development, random management, Medical Review Officer Services, Substance Abuse assessments and Compliance Management services required by our client organizations.  Our five most senior employees have a combined total of 110 years in the industry.

Span has been working with Michigan courts for almost thirty years, but in the last three years, with the introduction of its Comprehensive Management Organization model for sobriety monitoring, and through outreach and training efforts, it has seen business triple, with new clients in two other states, and more coming soon.

Span specializes in delivering high value sobriety monitoring for court evidence. Our Compliance Management Organization concept is a system of coordinated providers and management professionals from the fields of forensic laboratory and program management services, social services, and business and technology to operate a comprehensive system of specimen collection, overlaid with close compliance monitoring and reporting. The end result is optimized, timely information returned to the caseworker, probation/parole officer or court. The starting point for the entire organization is Span’s Compliance Management Organization System Technology, or Cmost™, its proprietary software.

The Compliance Management Organization model was developed around Span Corporation’s core beliefs:

  1. The mission of protecting the public, be it at-risk children or people who may be the victims of crime, deserve the highest quality information available to assist in case management decision making.
  2. Substance abuse is a contributing factor in a very large percentage of child endangerment cases and criminal activity.
  3. Drug screening services, often the first line of defense for identifying substance abuse, typically fail to meet the potential for the rich aggregate of information obtainable through properly configured Compliance Management programs.
  4. While often too costly to construct and manage within an individual agency, the CMO model, when aggregated to service large numbers of agencies and individuals, is not only affordable, but far more cost-effective than more conventional programs.

Mike Grosh

President and Ceo