A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Probation Program

John Smith is released from the Linn County Corrections facility and is instructed to complete an ongoing drug and alcohol testing program along with compliance management.  Mr. Smith will be followed for a period of six months, and as each screen is completed the results of that screen is to be submitted to his attorney who will in turn submit it to the judge monitoring this case.   Mr. Smith is also instructed that he will have to pay for these tests.

Mr. Smith then contacts Span Corporation to inquire about doing private pay drug and alcohol screens.

Span then sets up a random call in and screening program, gives Mr. Smith instruction on how to utilize the program and also instructs him of the nearest collection site. When Mr. Smith completes each screen Span Corporation will receive the completed screening results and forward onto the attorney or court contact.

The Outcome: The judge makes an informed decision based on more accurate information as the future of Mr. Smith’s probation requirements.