A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Last minute Visitation case

DHS worker has a client who has been granted the right to visit her children every other Friday and the visits can be unsupervised as long as the worker can prove there is no substance abuse at the time of visitation. The DHS worker wants a drug screen done on the client and test results back the next day.  After contacting the Span office the worker explains to the Span rep. what she is trying to accomplish.

Solution:   The Span representative informs the DHS worker that the amount of time to receive the test results on a Urine test is 24 – 72 hours. But then the Span rep. offers the DHS worker a solution to this problem.  The worker could have the client do an “Instant” test and if the results are negative the visitation can move forward.  The “Instant” test will also be sent to the lab for confirmation testing as well.

The client took the Instant test and it was negative. Visitation went on as planned.