A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

The Compliance Management Organization CMO™ Model for Sobriety Monitoring

Span Corporation’s Compliance Management Organization concept is a system of coordinated providers and management professionals from the fields of clinical laboratory and program management services, social services, and business and technology to operate a comprehensive system of specimen collection and handling, overlaid with dedicated close compliance monitoring and reporting. The end result is optimized, timely information returned to the end user. The starting point for the entire process is the Cmost™ software.

Caseworkers, probation/parole officers or court personnel enter a client into Span’s Cmost™ software online–through email, telephone or iPhone referral. Clients are enrolled and issued a specific unique identification number. Referrers set specific criteria for call in and testing. The client calls in daily and, when required, reports for a drug and/or alcohol screening based on a randomly generated requirement. Once a test is completed and results are entered, the software sends secure reports back to the specific email address of the referring individual, indicating non-compliant, positive or adulterated results. Copies of the drug screen results are also transmitted.

By issuing each client a unique identification number they must use to log into the system, Span can monitor their compliance with their call-in responsibility. If they stop calling in, or become sporadic about calling in, an automatic email is generated to the worker(s) that notifies them of the client’s non-compliance.

Span understands that failure to report in is oftentimes the first indication of a client’s rejection of their testing program responsibility. The prompt reports allow for immediate corrective action. Likewise, if the client fails provide a specimen they were scheduled to provide, an automatic email of non-compliance is generated and sent directly to the managing worker(s).

The drug testing program compliance information gets to the caseworker(s) involved as quickly and effectively as possible for immediate use in the management of that client’s case. Cmost™ automates the total program process so that a caseworker’s administrative time is reduced and case resolution expedited. 24 hour access of all client records helps managing workers organize their files effectively as needed.

SPAN CMO diagram2