A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

No Need to Wait. Send Those Oral Fluid Specimens Out Today.

Many laboratories require a minimum of five specimens be packaged together in order to ship overnight at their expense. The labs insist on this because the cost of freight is so high, and like most businesses, they do what they can to control costs. But that creates a problem for caseworkers and the courts who need to learn test results as soon as possible. After all, the safety of children is at risk. We at Span realized we needed a better solution.

When we decided to partner with Redwood Toxicology for our oral fluid testing, we explained the importance of having results processed as quickly as possible, and we negotiated terms which enable the immediate overnight shipping of all samples, regardless of quantity.  This extra service is provided at no additional charge to the customer. What that means is that Span has NO minimum requirement for overnight express shipping. In fact, we want you to send any specimen (one or more) to the lab the day you collect it. This is best for the integrity of the specimen, it’s safer for the at-risk children, and it ensures prompt information for caseworkers and the courts.