A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Cmost™ Software, Extensive Domain Knowledge Combine to Deliver a Robust ITES Solutions For Court-centric Drug Screen Program Management


Span Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) solutions for court-centric drug screening deliver timely and comprehensive drug screen compliance information to courts and the referring party, while saving them time and effort.  By employing the power of Cmost™,  Span’s proprietary compliance management software, routine and burdensome tasks are fully automated, improving accuracy of information, and providing case managers and Span staff more time to attend to the more complex elements inherent in any case management function.

Under the Compliance Management model, and assisted by Cmost™, Span staff closely monitor every aspect of the drug screen program, from referral to compliance on three levels–quality assurance review, reporting,  and documentation. The result is a detailed picture of client compliance that caseworkers can rely on to make critical case management decisions, strongly supported by court-ready documentation.

So how is automation employed to enhance accuracy, better monitor compliance and expedite reporting?

You, the referrer, set the screening rules—type of screen, frequency of screens, length of screening program–and provide the demographic data. Cmost™ uses those rules consistently throughout your client’s screening program, unless they are changed by you. Redundant data entry and error is consequently dramatically reduced. Drug screen technology, profile, frequency, timing and reporting are all set in the referral process.  Automation allows for an almost infinite number of possible combinations so that programs can be designed to both adhere to court direction and best meet the needs of the client thereby removing barriers to testing and improving compliance.

Monitoring too is automated, drawing on the initial rules established by the referral.  For example, clients are required to call in daily to determine if testing is required of them that day.  The client identifies himself with a PIN number so Cmost™ can record the date and time of the call.  In the event a call is not received, a non-compliance report is prepped in the system, awaiting review and release by Span staff.  Similarly, if a client is directed to testing on a given day, a follow up action is created alerting staff to watch for the drug screen result. If no result is received in the prescribed timeframe, staff verifies that information with the lab and/or testing site and posts that information into Cmost™. The software then sets up a Non-Compliance report for Span staff to review and release.

Finally, if a client does present for screening the result is automatically downloaded into Cmost™ in preparation for interface into the system. The system matches the result of four data points, client name, referring organization, referring individual and drug screen type. If any of these data points do not match the result is held out for investigation and edited to correct the error.  Only after undergoing this quality assurance function is the result forwarded via secure email to the caseworker, with any correction annotated thereby insuring the most accurate possible report is provided.

All that’s needed is for you to take the first step by filling out and sending along our straightforward, online referral form, where you will choose the customizable options specific to your client’s needs. Span and Cmost™ take it from there.


  • Generates randomized testing schedules based on your guidelines.
  • Forwards to you and your client additional information about their program, such as testing location(s), important phone numbers, expectations for the client (daily call in).
  • Notifies collection site of upcoming client testing schedules.
  • Automatically downloads record of client call-ins as well as client compliance with scheduled screens and forwards them to you via email on a regular basis, and makes them available to you anytime you want them.
  • Automatically downloads copies of drug screen reports as received from the lab, performs a series of quality control steps to insure accuracy of the information, and then forwards that information to you and makes them available via archive for you as needed.
  • Automatically sends you a Flash Report when client demonstrates unwillingness to cooperate with testing protocols due to missed phone calls or non-attendance at drug screens.
  • Automatically sends you a comprehensive snapshot of your client’s compliance patterns every month, including their record of call-ins, screen attendance, and screen results.
  • Is available 24/7so you can access all your client’s data, via your computer or iPhone, from your home, your work, when you’re on the road, or when you’re in court.
  • Encrypts all data to guarantee no unauthorized access to confidential information.


Cmost™ Technical Info

Cmost™ is a high-performance enterprise-grade compliance management software product. It is written in Java language using Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, secure email, secure FTP and other modern technologies. The Span server is housed off site in a hardened telco bunker for maximum data security.

Customers can access Span’s system to make a referral via secure Internet. In addition, when required, caseworkers can call in or use encrypted email for referrals. Whichever media is used, the referral is entered into Cmost™.

Supplementing the on-line referral process is Span’s Secure Customer Access, a secure portal to the Cmost™ database which provides caseworkers and supervisors the ability to:

  • Review key information about their client’s participation in the program
  • Review client’s screen collection schedule.
  • View and print non-compliance reports.
  • Generate Historical Compliance Reports based on self-selected calendar requirements.
  • View and print drug screen reports.
  • Communicate with Span staff on program changes or other related matters.


Caseworkers can also use iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to make a referral on the go, update an existing case, and receive a notification about non-compliance reports or screen results from their Apple devices.