A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Span Collection Network — How to Make it Work for You

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One of the benefits of working with and through Span is our extensive network of collection sites. What that means to you is that you don’t have to go running around trying to find a place where your client can have her screens collected. Span has already done that for you. Because the first thing we do once a new client has agreed to work through us is to sign up and train nearby collection sites. There are two reasons we do this:

  1. Clients are less apt to be compliant with a random screening program if they have to travel great distances to complete their screen collections. By maintaining our large group of collection sites–almost three sites per Agency–we break down that barrier to successful compliance.
  2. A well trained collection site will make fewer errors, will process specimens faster and more accurately, and will help us track the detail that is necessary to provide comprehensive compliance management services to you.


We pair your client up with the closest collection facility immediately after registration. If that site is incompatible–perhaps its hours of operation don’t match what your client needs, just let us know and we can arrange for another site.

But what if your client lives out of county, or even out of state? Or what if they’re going to need a different clinic for only a week or so. Well, if you’re a Michigan customer, we probably already have an active collection site in that county. All we’ll have to do is send you’re your client a package of testing forms (the drug screen ID card won’t work in other than the collection sites paired to your county). If for some reason we do not have a site in the different county, or if your client needs an out of state site, we can make that happen. Give us a few days lead time and we’ll take care of the rest. Whatever you do, do not have your client find a site on his own, or direct them to a Span site outside your area without first contacting us.  If we have no relationship with the site, we won’t receive any results to pass along to you. If your client presents with a pink card to a Span site outside of your area,  the results may be misdirected to another DHS county office. Additionally, the site might bill you directly for the screen and you might wind up paying a lot more than you bargained for.

Any time you have a question about one of our sites, a question about the collection process itself, or if you have a different site you’d like to recommend to us, please let us know.