A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Quality Assurance | Added Value to Assure the Most Complete and Accurate Reporting

You already know some of the things that differentiate Span from our competitors–our compliance management services that take managing random scheduling off your desk and put it on ours, our compliance and non-compliance reporting that provide you a fuller picture of your client’s conformity to the terms of the court order and provides better documentation for the courts, and direct access to our database from your office computer or remote device. What you may not know is how we differ from laboratories and other third party drug screen providers when it comes to reporting the results themselves. That difference is an extra layer of Quality Assurance you won’t see from other providers, and it’s largely invisible to you. Span’s QA program is designed to make sure you get exactly the tests you ordered, that the reported dates are consistent with reality, and that the reports are in a format that will be acceptable to the courts.

Our mission statement contains the phrase, “secure and deliver the most accurate, most comprehensive, and most evidentiary drug screen information, as quickly as possible.” If you think about it those two aspects of the mission, quality and speed, are somewhat contradictory. Typically, providers sacrifice one in favor of the other. But at Span we has solved the conundrum with technology in the form of Cmost™ our propriety software built specifically for servicing court related drug screening.

The first level of quality assurance is accomplished by Cmost™

Upon transmission of lab results into our system, the technology automatically compares the result to information entered into the system at referral. It looks at Client Name, Last four digits of the Social Security Number, screen type and ordering, and collection date. If there are no mismatches through that level of filtering screens are accepted into the system and immediately made available for reporting. But if there are any mismatches, the result is flagged for review.

The second level of Quality Assurance is manually accomplished by Span Operations staff

Items identified as needing review are promptly investigated through a review of the referral, chain of custody documentation, and results. If the error cannot be explained by those efforts, contact is made to the lab, collection site or caseworker.  Once the matter is resolved the screen is accepted and immediately available.


What kinds of errors are caught by Cmost™ and Span’s QA staff?

  • Incorrect names. This is not at all uncommon, as we often see hyphens where there were none before, use of maiden name or married name that differs from the registration name, misspelled names, and even sometimes no name being reported at all by the lab.
  • No referral. This would be a test for which we have no corresponding referral in the database. We verify with the caseworker that he or she did indeed want this particular test run, and gather the appropriate details to enter into Cmost™.
  • Wrong test performed. This would be a test we receive that does not match the test type ordered on the referral. We contact the laboratory to have the proper screen run, making sure you get the exact test you requested. We also follow up with the lab to make sure the entire collection process is accurate. 
  • Various collection site errors that may make the screen result inadmissible in court. These include lack of signature by client and/or collector, missing or erroneous dates, temperature not recorded, type of test request not marked, and so forth.
  • Laboratory errors like dates incorrectly transcribed from COC, client first name switched with last name, failure to run all requested tests.
  • Testing date that do not match the client’s schedule. A common method of masking use is to delay testing as long as possible. When unscheduled screens are flagged in our system, we check the validity of the test date. If it is, indeed, actually unscheduled, we report that to the caseworker as an “unscheduled test.” If the date reported by the lab is incorrect, we correct it and report it accordingly.

Back to the question of speed.  Once a result has gone through quality review, and has been approved and fully accepted in Cmost™ it is immediately ready for reporting. This pending report is once again reviewed for accuracy and then sent via secure email directly to the Caseworker.  We are quite confident that our mix of strong IT and our considerable knowledge in the domain of drug testing, enable us to deliver reports as timely as any lab, even given the extensive Quality Assurance.

You may not be aware that all this Quality Assurance work is being done on a daily basis because it’s being quietly run in the background. But it works to assure your results are more accurate and that they are always accepted by the courts.


Quality Assurance. Just one more way Span works for you.