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Span Corporation Endowment for Child and Family Services
By Mike Grosh and Steve Barber

The Span Corporation Endowment is a Fund established in 1990 by Span Corporation and its laboratory and clinic partners as a means of recognizing the good efforts to support needful children and families provided by our many not-for-profit agency customers. The Endowment is a donor recommended fund managed by The Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan which has full fiduciary responsibility. Span and its partners have made annual contribution since the funds initiation and over twelve grants have been issued to agencies engaged in services to families and children in SE Michigan. Annual Grants are limited to no more than five percent of the fund balance ensuring that the fund will continue to grow into perpetuity. Grant candidates must be 501c3 not-for-profit agencies serving children and families. As such, all contributions to the fund enjoy the 50% Michigan tax credit as well as appropriate Federal tax deduction. Grants are issues on an ad-hoc bases as recommended by the donors and approved by Community Foundation management. Grant applications are neither solicited nor accepted. Contributions can be made The Span Corporation Endowment for Child and Family Services c/o Community Foundation of SE Michigan 333 West Fort Street, Suite 2010, Detroit, MI 48226-3134, or through their web site at

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Mike Grosh is President, and Steve Barber is Director of Testing Service for Span Corporation, a national provider of drug screen and background investigation Third Party Administration services. Span Corporation headquarters are located at 1505 White St Ann Arbor MI 48103. Mike, Steve and Span Corporation can be reached at 734-623-7726 or Website URL:

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