A compliance management organization model for drug screen delivery

Comprehensive Reports

Get both drug screen results and comprehensive Compliance Reports on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Accessible Staff

Talk to real people, not computer-generated voices. Span staff are both helpful and knowledgeable. Ask your questions. Chances are they'll know the answer. If not they'll find out for you.

iPhone App

Accessibility on the go allows you to make referrals, update cases and receive results and reports right to your iPhone.

Thousands of Collection Sites

Over 4,000 collection sites across the USA.


Get a comprehensive, timely, and reliable reports about your clients and have access to collection sites all over the world.

Our Services

  • Drug Testing Services

    Span functions as a THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATOR, coordinating services between our customer (agency, court, legal or employer), the collection site and the laboratories, in order to help you choose the most appropriate type of drug screening, and to provide it to you at the best possible price. Span also provides certified reporting, random drug test management programs, program development, drug screen results archiving, Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, and functions as a call center, fielding and answering your questions, or funneling those questions to the appropriate professionals.
  • RichInfo Random Drug Screen Management Program

    What is RichInfo? A random drug screen call-in and compliance monitoring program for individuals court ordered or otherwise directed to regular random management for drug screening. Unlike conventional Call-In systems, RichInfo is configured with a powerful software program that performs automated compliance monitoring providing Case Managers with detailed and evidentiary documentation of the clients' total level of compliance with the program.
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

    A substance abuse counselor has a client who was a chronic marijuana user but he believes has been clean for some time. The client is under court supervision and the judge continues to order drug screens which indicate positive results for marijuana. Solution: The Counselor calls Span. After some review Span determines that the Judge is specifically ordering Hair Tests. Knowing that hair testing will detect drug use for up to ninety days Span recommends urine drug screens. The Outcome: The next time the client the counselor joins him. He presents the judge with three negative urine drug screens taken over the course of the previous several days and advises that he believes the client has been abstinent. The judge makes an informed decision based on more accurate assessment.
  • Program Development & Consultation

    Perhaps you are just instituting drug screening and need someone to assist in developing the right program for your organization? Who should be screened? When? What substances should be screened for? What technology should be employed? Perhaps you have a program in place and would like a review by an expert to determine its regulatory compliance, evidentiary level, best practices policies and procedures. Perhaps you want a ready resource to respond to question as they come forward. Could prescription drug X cause a false positive for illegal substance Y? What do cut off levels mean? What is specific gravity and what does it imply? Perhaps you need expert testimony. Span experience and trained personnel are available to provide complete consultation services to insure your drug screen and background investigation programs are optimized for your organization.


  • Span has been a tremendous for us in wading through all the complexities of drug screening. Without them I don't think our program would be nearly as strong as it is today.
    Erica Rosaen VP, Universal Flow Monitors, INC
  • Span works with my clients and me to secure the right information efficiently so I can be an effective and fair Judge.
    Judge Amy Hathaway, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge
  • What I like about working with Span is how they take the time to help me select the right drug screen for the situation. Many times their suggestions have given me much better information at a lower cost than the screen I was originally requesting.
    James D. Little C.S.W, Forensic Consultant is Substance Abuse
  • Span knows more about court related drug screening than any other drug screen vendor I have ever worked with.
    Judge Daniel Hathaway, 33rd Circuit Court - Wayne County